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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Bad News...

We received a letter in the mail stating they are denying us the opportunity to move forward with the adoption process. This decision was mostly in relation to the fact that we are doing the right things in preparing for a family. Nae and I are in marriage counseling. Not because we have severe issues, but so we are able to communicate and parent better. Along with that, I have been seeing a doctor for my Bi-polar. I recently started a mood stabilizer to help control it a little better. I am far from the severe state of this disorder and we were trying some medications to see how they would affect me. Bethany has stated they wanted to see 1 year of stabilized behavior before they would consider us as a possible candidate. Folks, this is ridiculous. We would not be lousy parents...most of you already know that. Seems ironic that any 16 year old who hasn't finished high school, doesn't have a job, does drugs, drinks, smokes, and who knows what else can have a baby at will. Yet here we are trying to spend thousands of dollars to help fulfill our family and to make a birth parent happy knowing their child is going to a great home. Seems quite unfair and very depriving. However, we will keep moving forward. We will be checking into other agencies once our move to Shoreview is over. Thanks for keeping us in your prayers.


  1. You guys WILL be great parents; it's just a matter of WHEN, not if.

    We continue to pray for you guys!

  2. How frustrating. :( Check out other agencies and keep moving forward. (We went through Hope Adoption in Stillwater-- I would recommend them.)
    You're in my prayers.

  3. God's plan is perfect and obviously this is part of his plan. So, don't despair, but realize God is saving you from something by closing this door now. Rest assured, He'll open another one when the perfect time comes.

  4. I ditto what Mr Mike said. Although I know it's not very consoling at this time, I do know, that a very special child is waiting to be born for you both! Keep your spirits up and focus on your move and who knows what exciting news is to come! Love ya both!