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Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Final Count is in

Well we did it. We managed to clear our garage of the MULTITUDE of items donated by friends, friends of friends, and family, just one week shy of our moving day. Thank you to ALL of you who were involved in donating and gathering items for our sale. You rallied together and quickly overwhelmed us by filling our garage.

A special thanks to Azure, Alisa, Abiee, Jenni, and Julie (and the kids) for jumping into the trenches and helping me with the tremendous task of sorting and organizing everything. You girls rock! Your support held me up and helped me keep going when it would have been easy to quit. Azure, your crazy suggestion to hold onto a portion of the stuff for one more month and travel to New Prague for a final sale was awesome. Thank you for sacrificing your home, garage, time with your kids, and SLEEP to keep pushing me a little longer!

All of the donations and your support have paid off. The final count for the summer is $1100! We are excited to keep watching the total grow!

Next up: Devin's Golf Event. for more information. It will be a fun day for all involved. Players of all levels are welcome. I am currently working on building up a couple 'non-golfer' foursomes to join me in playing for fun. I won't be able to compete for 1st place, but I am bound and determined to have a good time! Golf, food and prizes involved.

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