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Sunday, May 2, 2010

The start...

After many months of visiting with various adoption agencies, Naomi and I have decided to pick Bethany Christian Services as our agency. We have our mandatory meeting on May 4th and soon afterwords we will start the complete application process.

Tonight we sent in the Statement of Faith questionnaire for them to review our Christian Faith. It asks questions like: "Who is God", "Is Salvation possible", etc. They are great questions and we assume they use them to see how committed you are to the Christian Faith and to going through the pre-registration process, which is tedious. I think they try to weed out the ones who aren't seriously committed.

Prior to that we had to fill out their basic information questionnaire on their website which answered questions about how long we have attended our church, are we members, and other faith questions.


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  1. What an exciting journey the two of you are on. Will be praying for you and the adoption process as you are waiting for God to bring your family together. Big hugs and lots of excitement from the Hubbards!!