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Monday, May 3, 2010

Fundraising ideas

I am sitting here trying to come up with unique ideas to fundraise. We had a person from New Prague email us asking if we would be interested in doing a Tastefully Simple on-line party. Basically we are the hosts and invite friends and family to purchase Tastefully simple items on-line. We would get 20% of the total revenue generated. I really liked this idea

Obviously we are working on the garage sale idea still and continue to get support with donated goods on that end.

We might look at doing some sort of benefit/dinner for people to come and celebrate the opportunity and to reunite with old friends/family. A silent auction may be added to this idea as well.

Last, I came up with a few ideas for anyone reading this to maybe participate in. Do you have glass bottles, cans, copper, scrap metal, etc???? Why not recycle it and get it out of your house/garage! Maybe you have some items to sell on Ebay. I am willing to sell them for anyone if you are willing to donate a portion of the sale(s) to us! I have been on Ebay for 13 years and have 100% positive feedback. Take a look at my page to view my layout. Click Here

Any other ideas from you folks?



  1. Here are a few more ideas:

  2. Also... you could look through the garage sale stuff as it comes in and try to sell some of the nicer stuff on cragislist or ebay. You might get more than at the average garage sale, and if it doesn't sell, you still have the garage sale.