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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Garage sale one more time

Yesterday and today (Sat.) we are doing one more garage sale. It will be open until 2pm today if anyone wants to stop by and visit.

On a side note I am thinking about doing a golf tournament to support the cause. I want to work on getting donations of gift cards, product, etc. from local businesses. I plan to do a scramble style tournament with an entry fee based on the golfing fee (~$45), the prize money (~$20), and towards the adoption (~$20). So that should be about $80 a person with the hopes of getting about 8 teams of 4...or more. Prizes would go to 1st and 2nd at least and possibly 3rd depending on what we get for donations. Nae's friend Azure has offered to be our "go-getter" and find people/companies willing to donate. She is good at that kind of thing so we are thinking she will be pretty successful. Feel free to spread the word to friends and family. It should be a good time! This probably will happen on a weekday, as most courses don't allow tournaments on the weekend. I am going to go to Eagle Valley, where I used to work and see if they can give me some sort of deal for the golf. Once more details are known, I will make a formal announcement and start sending out emails, posting it on Facebook, etc. If anyone reading this has access to companies willing to donate prizes for a good cause, we would really appreciate it. Have a good weekend everyone!

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