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Monday, June 21, 2010

What do you know...more paperwork

I was all excited today to see a letter from Bethany in the lasted about 12 seconds. It seems the intake coordinator should actually be a recruiter for the CIA because she is very deliberate and thorough in what she needs. We are sort of on a hold right now because they need more information from our doctors regarding our marriage counseling (Don't worry, it isn't a big deal. We just want to be better parents and spouses to one another). On top of that, they are requesting information from all of my doctors regarding my life long struggle with depression and bi-polar disorder. This is all fine, but we would really would like to just get on with doing the formal application. They still haven't officially accepted us into their program. FRUSTRATING!

But, overall this has been a learning experience and a great process. They want the kids to go to a great home. Hopefully ours will be considered "great" once they are done with their fingerprinting, background checks, history reports, interviews, lie detectors, digging up of family members to check for diseases and cancers, home interrogations, financial background reports, checking to see how many alcoholic beverages we had on April 13, 2003, and how many points behind Nae was in cribbage when I beat her on our 31st game of our lifelong tally. I might have missed a few things but you get the idea... :)

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  1. You'll get through it.... it is a frustrating experience, but very worth ALL of it in the end. :)