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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Meeting with Bethany

Well, tonight was the meeting with Bethany. To be honest, 99% of it was review because we have spent months looking at other agencies, comparing prices, comparing placement percentages, etc. My wonderful wife was/is really good at doing her homework when it comes to this stuff. What was pretty neat was to see was the portfolio books other couples had made. They used a snapfish like account to create a book that presented really well. It was good to get some ideas of what we need.

Right now we are in a waiting period. They have to review our "Statement of Faith" document we emailed them Sunday night. Once that comes back okay, we will get the full application to start on.

We found out the exact prices for a domestic infant adoption through Bethany. It is $15,300 plus court costs, optional trainings, and personal expenses like the Snapfish portfolio book we have to make. Our goal is to have $16,000. That should cover pretty much everything we need. Currently we have $5,200. We had $6,700 but a mistake in our checkbook meant we had to take some out of our savings to cover it. Hopefully with prayer, your help, and our saving we will get there! Nae is stepping up this summer. She is going to do summer school for her special education class along with mainstream, have another part time job, and attend college for her Master's degree. BUSY!

Well, that's it for tonight...thank you all.


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